DISORIENT installation and performance at Musée des Arts et Métiers (Paris 3 and 4 December 2016)

Project DISORIENT, created during art residency in spring 2016 in Museum ‘La Neomudéjar, Museo/ Centro de Artes de vanguardia’ (Madrid), is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Ludivine Allegue et Valentina Lacmanović
During the exhibition ‘Drawing Machines’ in Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris and the week-end of performances under title ‘Corps dessinant’ (drawing body), DISORIENT presented a multimédia installation and performance in the setting of Foucault’s pendulum.
Concept and realisation: Ludivine Allegue and Valentina Lacmanović
Performance, sound, costume design : Valentina Lacmanović
Videography, painting on costume: Ludivine Allegue
Soundscape composition: JuanMa Prieto Akasha
Costume realisation: Layta Bernardo

With exceptional intervention of: Frédéric Mathevet and Simona Polvani 



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