07 April 2016 – La Neomudéjar – Madrid

Here is a glimpse of our creative process which we shared during a conference-performance at the Neomudéjar (Madrid) in April 2016.

The hall with 19th century generator, previously belonging to RENFE company (trains) was the part of the Museo La Neomudéjar where we developed many aspects of Disorient project, especially the performance. The interaction with the location was crucial for our creative process. Connecting the rotative movement of the machines, recalling the industrialisation and mass production – the fragile human body in spiralling repetition questioned the dialogue between the body and the machine. It is in this space where both the lecture/performance and final performance happened.


Creative process – checking the sketches, planning the next phase, excited and surprised with results!
Costume on Valentina before becoming a canvas for Ludivine’s painting (see below). Designed by Valentina Lacmanović, made by Layta Bernardo in Madrid during the residence. Photo: Ludivine Allegue

More to come…

Interdisciplinary Arts

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