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from Solar Ring triptych video art (2015), photo: Valentina Lacmanović

Valentina is a performer and creator of video and photo performance and interdisciplinary collaborative projects.

Her artwork is based on scientific and anthropological research into ritual, trance-like states and repetition.

She is fluent in five languages, possesses a Master degree in Philosophy/Aesthetic from the University Paris VIII and has studied drama at the prestigious French National Academy of Dramatic Arts (CNSAD) in Paris.

She is a member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists)

From 2001 onwards, her work has been focused on creating solo and collaborative performances inspired by rituals (as roots of performing arts), shamanic practices and trance-like states.
Profound research into ritual versus performing spaces gave since 2003 a new direction to her work as an art director and performer, ultimately resulting in dance and video-art performance and an experimental video artwork that settled the base for her recognisable, unique signature.

Since 2008 she has been creating performances and projects for both white cube and black box spaces in collaboration with musicians, steadicam expert, video-artists, sound-artists and filmmakers.

Her performances and video art have been presented in museums, galleries, festivals and extraordinary locations.

Nowadays she lives between Amsterdam and Paris. Her main focus is the creation of contemporary art of immersion through interdisciplinary projects, mainly performances and video artworks inspired by philosophical reflection on ritual practices and transformative performance acts. She continues her research on convergences and divergences between contemporary visions of performance and enacting of rituals.

Valentina is a coach for research and performance projects at ACAPA (Academy of Circus and Performance Art) in Tilburg (NL).

Interview for Women Cinemakers




ARMILLAE video-performance at Musée des Arts et Métiers (Paris)

UMBRA#2 video performance screening at Traverse Video 2019


SOLAR RING triptych video art screening Fresh Stream Experimental Film Festival

CATCH video art screening Festival de Cine Independiente de Sogamoso


SOLAR RING triptych video art screening at Zagreb Dance Centre program “Refleks”

CATCH (video art) at IVAHM new media arts festival Madrid

CATCH (video art) screening, ZPC Zagreb


DISORIENT at Museo CAV La Neomudéjar, Madrid

Video-performance retrospective at Museo CAV La Neomudéjar

Solar Ring triptych video screenings at: IVAHM festival Madrid and IVAHM on tour (Rivne, Ukraine), Signes de Nuit Festival (Lisbon and Paris edition), Croatian short film festival (Samobor, Croatia)


Solar Ring triptych video, screenings at Flaneur Gallery (Singapore) (Future of Imagination 10)

FUKUSHIMA MON AMOUR collective exhibition at gallery “Le 18bis”, Paris

SOLAR RING – solo exhibition of video artwork, gallery DiTS, Amsterdam


SHEDERVISH FRAMED video installation at 7.5 art space, group exhibition, Paris


SHEDERVISH FRAMED video, screening at Suikerzoet Film Festival (Schiedam, NL),

AXES/OSI, exhibition at Gallery “Siva Zona” Korcula (Croatia), with Nina Kurtela, curated by Darko Fritz



Performance for music video


SPIRAAL performance at KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) Theatre, Amsterdam


DISORIENT – performance et Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris

DISORIENT – performance at Museo CAV La Neomudéjar, Madrid


ORACLES performance, commissioned by Leseptcinq art space, Paris


WITH-IN performance (with Francisco López), Modern body festival, Den Haag (NL),

DVD, performance by Robertas Narkus (group exhibition “Father can’t you see I’m burning”), De Appel Art Centre, Amsterdam (as performer),

 I-O, performance by Pil Galia Kollectiv at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (as performer),

SPIRAAL, performance at PALAIS DE TOKYO, Paris


SPIRAAL, performance at art-space “7.5 club” Paris


FROM ZERO TO ONE, performance at HDLU, Gallery  “Bačva”, Mestrović Pavilion Zagreb

SPIRAAL, author and performer, performance at art-space “7.5 club”, Paris,

WITH-IN, with FRANCISCO LOPEZ, immersive sound/immersive movement, creation and performance in Den Haag, NL


SHEDERVISH variation, Lalish Theatre, Vienna (Austria) – performance, dance workshop and conference “From Trance to Performance “,

SHEDERVISH (dance/video-art performance), Westergasfabriek Amsterdam,

SHEDERVISH variation, performance at the solar energy battery (“Pozdrav Suncu”), Zadar (Croatia),

SHEDERVISH, dance/video-art performance at the Festival of dance and Non-speaking Theatre, Svetvinčenat (Croatia)


2016  DISORIENT with Ludivine Allegue

2012 WITH-IN  collaboration with Francisco López (, residency at Studio Loos (Den Haag) and performance With-In 2012, 2014 and more to come

2012 SILENT SPIN, collaboration on the project choreographed by Liat Magnezy (Dance Motion Picture company, NL), performed at Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam, NL

2011 International Flute Sounds Festival, Pristina (Kosovo), direction, choreography and dance, “Sufi Night (experimental)” with Burak Malçok/ ney, Eremira Çitaku/ flute, Avni Krasniki/ electronics, Astrit Stafai /al oud

2010 VAZOKI, performance (with Zotora / didgeridoo and Kiku Day / shakuhachi)  at Sacred Music Festival, Drammen and at Mausoleum Emanuel Vigeland, Oslo (Norway)

REVIEWS and publications (recent)

Super Sensor e-Magazine

Onda Rock recensioni With-In cd

Emergency Index volume 6 (project DISORIENT)

Audio release WITH-IN

Interview@ Clam Mag

Clam mag coverclam magazine winter 2015


Interview @Kontura Art magazin


Interview of Valentina Lacmanovic in Kontura
Interview with Valentina Lacmanovic in Kontura by Neva Lukic, 2013.

– “Powerful “Shedervish”, the questioning of the author about the oriental methods of meditations in movement, left the long lasting impression in the memory of the festival. One of the major reasons for it is the commitment to the concept, which elevates Valentina Lacmanovic into the realm of intelligent creators, with great charisma and wise artistry.” GLAS ISTRE (CR)

– “Pure and mysterious, astonishing in archetypal simplicity of whirling, “Shedervish” is obviously far from popular exotic and trendy mysticism.” MAJA DJURINOVIC, KULISA.EU

– “Fascinating journey into the heart of the mystic Near East tradition in the performance SheDervish by Valentina Lacmanović” – SVETVINCENAT FESTIVAL (CR)

-“Performance of the Croatian dancer Valentina Lacmanovic, a very sensual and unusual version of the whirling dance at its best” VOLKSKRANT (NL)

– “Pure amazement prevails among the many spectators as the dance of Lacmanovic Valentina progresses …
With thousands of repetitive revolutions of her body the dancer evokes admiration and excitement of the audience who is asking themselves if this is physically possible. Apparently so, because Lacmanovic shines and triumphs within the ecstasy that she brings on stage.” PZC, (NL)



Interdisciplinary Arts

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