L. Allegue




  • PhD in Arts and Arts Sciences from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.
  • Member of AVAM (Artistas Visuales Asociados de Madrid) #SN 000964
  • Member of Vegap
  • 2002-04 Collaborator of Sculptor Jaume PlensaBarcelona, Spain


“[…] Ludivine Allegue, […] a pictorial work where the canvas gains prominence full of pain, mystery, memory and poetry.” JOSÉ FCO MEGÍAS FLÓREZ, Conde Duque Museum, Madrid, Spain.

“[…]her artistic world is: integrating, binding, vast, extensive, extensible. Wherever she looks, she sees something relevant to her work. But if she closes her eyes, she also can see blankness, absence, blackness and memories […], she knows how to codify them to make them part of her creative process.” PILAR G. RODRÍGUEZ; “LUDIVINE ALLEGUE – LO QUE EL LIENZO ESCONDE” DESCUBRIR EL ARTE Nº233, JULY 2018.

“[…]Ludivine Allegue […] is exhibiting intense and harsh paintings […].”  “El punto de Leonardo Da Vinci“, de Ángeles Peñalver; El Ideal, 6 November 2010, Granada, Spain.

“[…] a great intensity emerges from Ludivine Allegue’s painting.” Le Parisien, 24 May 2008, Paris.

“While I was witnessing this plural work, I rediscovered ten times, a hundred times Ludivine Allegue’s painting, her mastery of spaces, colors, transparencies and forms.” Le Mague, May 2008, Paris.



Photography: Ludivine Allegue | Performance: Valentina Lacmanovic

Interdisciplinary Arts

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